reduce weight? eat these foods in your diet

 reduce weight? eat these foods in your diet

 reduce weight? eat these foods in your diet
 reduce weight? eat these foods in your diet

Today, we are going to tell you about the benefits of eating porridge every day, there are many nutrients in the porridge, which gives strength to the body and many diseases are also removed, so let us know.  about this.

 reduce weight? eat these foods in your diet


 1- The body is strong

  Oatmeal contains elements such as calcium and protein, which is why consuming porridge makes the body strong and the bones become strong.

 2- Obesity decreases

 Oatmeal contains fiber, allowing the body's metabolism to be fine and helps to reduce obesity.

 3- Muscle pain hurts away

 By eating porridge every day, getting relief from cardiovascular disease and pain of the muscles is gone.

 4- Relieves relief in diabetes

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 Regular consumption of oatmeal remains blood sugar level control, therefore patients of diabetes need to use porridge.


 Apple is used as a fruit in every home.  According to Ayurveda, apple is rich in many properties.  And by eating apples, the body has many benefits.  Apple has abundant anthocyanin and tannin.  This fruit contains lots of vitamins, fibers and other nutrients.  There are plenty of medicinal properties.  Which are very important and beneficial for our body.

 In the afternoon there are 1 apples eaten by these six biggest advantages -

 1. If you consume at least one apple in the afternoon, it breaks down constipation and gas in your stomach.  Which keeps your stomach fit.  You will not have any problems related to digestion.

 2. If you are consuming an apple every afternoon, then the skin will be healthy, beautiful, soft and shiny.

 3. Apple helps in keeping your body healthy by cleansing important parts of the body.  To remove toxins, apple juice is more beneficial.

 4. It is also considered to be very useful for removing the forgetfulness of apple.  It contains an element called quasertin, which helps in speeding the brain.

 5. Soluble fiber found in apples is helpful in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.  This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

 6. Apple is a rich source of antioxidants and phytochemicals, which not only protects the body from cancer, but is considered to be helpful in eliminating cancerous cells.  Apple is mainly beneficial in protecting against stomach, breast, liver and lung cancer.  Do share with Whatsapp on your friends.

  Extra virgin olive oil

 Using extra virgin olive oil in salads, soup etc. helps in weight loss.  Olive oil is made from monosaturated fats which helps in the burning of excess body fat.

 Tofu (Soya Paneer):

 Tofu (soya paneer) has a substantial amount of protein, due to which it is filled with stomach for longer periods of time by adding it to the regular diet.  There is no desire to eat more frequently and more and the weight is controlled.


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 Pears are rich in fiber and water, which makes hunger less.  After losing weight in the campaign to lose weight, consuming pears on appetite helps to control the weight.


 Cornflakes are rich in nutrients as well as being tested in food.  You can also eat it with milk and with fruits.  This does not fill the stomach much and can be easily done.


  Dates rich in protein, carbohydrate, calcium and vitamin A are found in it, due to which it is a fruit that every man should definitely eat and you will be surprised to know that the people living in the desert are more likely to eat dates.  In summer, his body is full of energy.


 Cucumbers are very helpful in reducing obesity.  Because cucumber has water up to 90%.  Cucumber fiber is rich and cholesterol-free.  It keeps you fresh.  Remove the toxic substances from the body and improve your skin.  Apart from this, eating cucumber is full of stomach-filled.  By which you eat less.  This helps prevent weight gain.

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