Energy levels increase in the body || 10 best Foods

Energy levels increase in the body ||   10 best Foods

Energy levels increase in the body ||   10 best Foods
Energy levels increase in the body ||   10 best Foods

1) Rice 

 Rice contains good amount of carbs.  Every 100 grams of rice gets about 28 grams of carbas.  The reduction of glycogen can be easily controlled by incorporating rice in the diet.  Let us know that other vitamins like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Iron and fiber are also good in rice.  It can meet your energy needs to a great extent.

 2) Milk

chocolate milk serves as an energy drink.  There are also good amounts of carbs, which are extremely beneficial for the body.  10 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams of chocolate milk

 3) Paneer 

 Paneer is considered as the best source of protein.  Paneer contains the highest amount of protein.  Each 100 grams of paneer contains about 18 grams of protein.

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 4) Spinach

 The spinach is also a good source of protein and iron for enhancing the immune system.  Per 100 gm spinach contains about 7 grams of protein.  Not only that, where the spinach is a good source of protein, it is also very effective in dealing with heart diseases.

 5) Maize

maize is a good source of fiber and protein.  Eating corn in the diet can reduce the deficiency of protein in the body.  Every 100 grams of corn contains about 4 grams of protein.

 6) Chicken

 If you eat non-vegetarian food, then the best choice of protein can be chicken.  There is a quantity of about 27 grams of protein per 100 grams of chicken.

 7) Yoghurt

 Vitamins, calcium and protein are found in good amount of yogurt.  About 100 gms of curd contains 10 grams of protein dose with great ease.  If you have to maintain energy level in the body then be sure to include yogurt in the diet.

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 8) Potato 

 Potato has good balance of protein and carbas.  About 100 grams of potatoes, approximately 17 grams of carbs are found easily.  Potato juice, which is made from raw potato, is rich in nutrients and minerals and it is considered to be very beneficial for health.  Potato juice is considered an excellent alternative to Vitamin B and C.  Potato juice contains starch that makes it tasty, and for better taste, you can use it with other vegetable juices.  Potato juice is an excellent option to increase the level of energy (energy level).  Potato juice has a high level of thiamine, which helps in breaking carbohydrates into useful energy.

 9) Egg

eggs contain good amounts of protein and it is also called natural source of protein.  There is approximately 13 grams of protein per 100 grams of eggs.  This protein reserve is found in egg yolk (white part).  You will not have to face the problem of low energy due to the inclusion of eggs in the diet.

 10) Banana 

Bananas for instant energy are considered to be the most suitable.  If food experts agree, adding banana in your mile will prove to be very beneficial for you.  23 grams of carbohyps can be easily found in 100 grams of banana.  At the same time there is a good amount of potassium which gives you very good energy.

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