Eat these 10 Food Rich in vitamin E

Eat these 10 Food Rich in vitamin E

Vitamin E is a group of 8 fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant properties. This vitamin is an important member of the community which is important for our health. "Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals throughout the body, which damages fatty structures like cell membrane and brain cells." Regular consumption of this nutrient is necessary for proper functioning of many processes in our body and it also helps in preventing oxidative stress. In addition to the convenience of healthy muscles, regular intake of vitamin E benefits our skin, hair, eyesight and immunity.

Eat these 10 Food Rich in vitamin E
Eat these 10 Food Rich in vitamin E

 "If sufficient amount is consumed, then related to heart disease, cancer, liver damage, kidney damage and even spotty degeneration Vitamin E aids in protecting against eye damage ". Vitamin E helps in increasing your immunity, removes free radicals, maintains a youthful shine, and provides protection from sunlight. Dr. Says Kumar, "Scientists have found vitamin E to be beneficial in treating conditions like cataracts, asthma, skin issues, aging, respiratory infections and its critical anti-inflammatory properties as well as slowing the progress of Alzheimer's. is."

Nutritious women is very beneficial because it helps in dealing with menstrual cramps. It is also found in men to improve fertility. So how can you naturally get the benefits of Vitamin E?

 "Vitamin E should be consumed regularly from natural sources as part of a balanced diet plan. Recommended dietary allowance for Vitamin E for about 8-10 mg / day (NIN) for Indians The best Vitamin E source is wheat seed oil, sunflower seeds and almonds. Most of the cooking oils are fortified with vitamin E. Therefore, fruits, greens, olives Oil, load on foods rich in vitamin E, including shrimp et al.

We have prepared a list of foods rich in the Top 10 Vitamin E to improve your overall health, skin and hair

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1. Sunflower seeds: 

Looking for a healthy breakfast? All you need is a handful of sunflower seeds. Vitamin E, magnesium, copper, vitamin B1, selenium and a whole lot of fiber, including nutritious nutrients, it will take you a long way. You can also garnish your usual chicken or tuna salad with sunflower seeds, boil your eggs with this super-seed or sprinkle a handful of food on your pot. Vitamins rich foods: Fistful sunflower seeds can help

2.  Spinach: 

One of the healthiest green leafy vegetables is believed, the spinach is home to many essential vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E. Just half a cup of spinach contains 16% of your daily requirement of Vitamin E. You can eat raw or toss to spinach. In the salad Note to remember: Taking a spinach or steam before meals can actually increase the amount of nutrients. Foods rich in Vitamin E: spinach is one of the healthiest foods

3. Vegetable oil: 

Olive oil, sunflower oil, wheat seed oil are among the best sources of vitamin E. Do you know: just 1 teaspoon wheat seed oil is 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin E? And 1 teaspoon canola oil contains 12% of the daily value required by the body. You should generally avoid vegetable oils, but when you need to consume your Vitamin E, these oils can be included in your otherwise healthy diet. Vitamin E benefits: olive oil is one of the best sources of vitamin E

4. Peanut:

 If you love peanuts, then you are in luck! Peanut is rich in antioxidants, rich in monounsaturated fats, helps prevent colon cancer and gallstones and is also good for the heart. In fact, 1 / 4th of the peanut contains 20% of the essential vitamin E and eating peanuts reduces the risk of weight gain. Nutrientist Anshul Jayabharat says, "Peanut is a definite antioxidant named Resveratrol, which is known for fighting free radicals that can cause heart disease and cancer." So decorate your typical Asian salad with peanuts, or garnish with noodles and stir with a handful of peanuts.

5. Avocado: 

According to many health experts, avocado is rich in fiber, low in carbohydrate, is full of carotenoid, and only 1 avocado has 20% of the essential daily intake of vitamin E. Perhaps one of the most delicious foods with Vitamin E, Avocado represents the cream of nature; oil-rich foods include avocados in your diet, by melting it as guacamole, adding some slices to your salad or making a cherry tomatoes Slithering along toast with. You can start your day in a healthy way with baked eggs and avocados.
Food rich in Vitamin E: EvoCado is rich in fiber

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6. Almond: 

When you need quick fixation of energy, nothing is a handful of almonds. 1 cup almond can be high in calories, but it provides approximately twice the amount of vitamin E for the day i.e. 1 %%. Not a fan of raw almonds? You can drink a glass of almond milk or a toast with almond butter can be closed.

7. Shrimp: 

We know what you are thinking - seafood is a source of antioxidant? Yes, shrimp can be high in cholesterol, but it is a low calorie meal that is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin vitamin E. It is also high in Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B3, Selenium and copper. How to enjoy shrimp to consume the maximum vitamin E? You can comb on a lemon cutaway with a drizzle of onions, tomatoes, chili peppers, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.

8. Hazelnuts: 

An excellent source of Vitamin E, Hazelnuts contains 21% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin E per day, as well as protein, vitamin A and vitamin C. Hazelnuts are exceptionally rich in folate and help reduce LDL or bad cholesterol. They can be eaten on their own or added to cookies, chocolates, cakes and pies. You can change things a bit and enjoy hazelnut butter.

9. Asparagus:

 Asparagus provides a unique combination of anti-inflammatory properties as well as vitamin C, beta carotene, zinc, manganese and selenium. In fact, 1 cup of asparagus contains 18% of your daily requirement of Vitamin E. Asparagus also comes with anti-cancer benefits, regulates blood sugar and aids in digestion. You can whip up an omelette stuffed with asparagus in the morning or toss fresh cooked pasta with asparagus or it can sauce with a healthy mixture of tofu with mushrooms, bell peppers and garlic.

 10. Broccoli:

 This member of the Cauliflower family is a good source of protein and is rich in Vitamin E. Broccoli also has anti-cancer properties, reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and it is one of the best detox foods. You can add some broccoli to soup or salad or to enjoy its many health benefits, you can serve steamed broccoli as a side dish on the dining table. To maintain its nutritional properties, you should eat broccoli at low cooking temperatures.

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