Always follow these rules to stay fit

Always follow these rules to stay fit

Hello friends Always follow these rules to stay fit this is the key of fitness life do not try to any  shortcut

Always follow these rules to stay fit
Always follow these rules to stay fit

Tips No.1 

Regular consumption of junk food reduces the quality of sperm.  There is a decrease in the quantity of sperm, so if zinc food is a part of your daily life, then you should say that your habit should say goodbye as soon as possible.

 Tip Number 2 

 You must definitely make two (banana) in your breakfast.  The bananas will keep you working all day long and will keep you away from many diseases of Hart as well.

 Tip Number 3

 If you eat more packing food then it is important to change your habit because 'AC Metals' is used in such foods which is not good for men.

 Tip Number 4 

 It is foolish to try to keep yourself healthy without exercising or working, so if you want to keep yourself healthy, then include exercises or working in your Daily Life style.

 Tips no. 5 

Soda, Kafi, Radmi, Chips etc should be consumed only occasionally, because consuming them regularly will be harmful to your health.

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 Tip Number 6

 Use good quality oils in the food; Poor quality paraffin is harmful for men.

 Tips Number 7

 The obesity puts negative effects on the male's sexual power, so keep yourself away from obesity.

 Tip Number 8

 If you do not have the time to exercise, then use the video to play in the elevator at home and office.  Include Seasonal Fruits and Seasonal Vegetables in your diet.  This habit will play important role in keeping you healthy.

 Tip Number 9

 Must Make Breakfast Breakfast and be careful that dinner should be light, dinner should be done until 8:00.

 Tip Number 10

 The same person (man) can stay healthy, which wakes up early in the morning.  So if you have a lot to get late then you can change this habit soon.

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 Tip Number 11

 Make Sure Of The Part Of Your Diet To Salad And Sprouted Grains

 Tip Number 12

 Do not Eat Both Roti and Rice at One Time Food Consumption.

 Tip Number 13

 Do not raise the responsibilities of others unnecessarily, do not make money making machines, move around, and also take time for other activities.

 Tip Number 14

 The time of Sunday must be given to yourself.

 Tips Number 15

 Do not work on the laptop's thighs, it has negative effects on men's abilities, so you can become impotent too.

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