What should we eat in the morning breakfast ?

What should we eat in the morning breakfast ?

 breakfast should be such that we do not harm.(What should we eat in the morning breakfast ?)
 It is better to eat poison that we do not do breakfast. Do it straight away. But today, in such a slum-filled life, there is no time for anyone to understand whether he is eating or not eating.

What should we eat in the morning breakfast?
What should we eat in the morning breakfast?

1. When to eat bread and its like

If you eat bread and start the day with it, then you are not judging your body. Bread is not eaten up in our stomach like it has eaten and it remains. Bread that is made of flour like wheat or wheat flour, and it is itself a very old lot of days. Going into the stomach, it gets decayed.

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2. Stay away from paratthas

India's national breakfast is paratha only. But it is not a good idea to feed the body in the morning. You stay away from home in the morning.

3. Nowadays many big foreign companies 

have begun to make breakfast with burgers. This work was done in the western country before. The way the thickness is increasing, it is the effect of this suck. If you also want to get sick in the West, you need it in the morning and morning.

4. Do not eat any food that is frozen in the fries.

Many times we also make breakfast in the fridge and at night we wake up and eat it warmly and eat it. But doing so is harmful to our body. Even if you take out the frozen fruit that is taken out at least 1 hour in advance, then it will be fun.

5. Toast - Salmon mornings are not breakfast.

If you eat salts or toast with tea, if you wake up in the morning, this is also a harmful thing for your body. In the morning the body needs protein and you stay away from it.

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What to eat

1. Raw chickpeas

Yes, you make breakfast with a raw chickpea. You can cut the onion or tomato for the taste. Remember that chickpeas do not boil and do not fry them.

2.  fruit with coconut water

It is best if you give a good meal to a child and save you from illness. In the morning you need to use coconut water.

3. An apple keeps you healthy.

If you stay out of the house and you do not have to be at the time of making friends, then it is better to eat things like this that you take an apple and leave it to an office. Using an apple every day in breakfast you will be completely healthy.

4. Paua or Upma in the house

You can experiment in the house made of paua or upma even in the morning. You can make green tea in it.

5. Grated dal

This is best if you are using juice or raised dal in the morning breakfast. This gives the body a good amount of protein.
So you did not understand what to eat in the morning breakfast or not.

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