Weight कम करने का सही ये है diet प्लान । best method

Weight कम करने का सही ये है diet प्लान । best method 

Weight will decrease by fruits -
Seasonal: Daily use of seasonal is helpful in weight loss(Weight कम करने का सही ये है diet प्लान । best method ).   According to one study, drinking the juice daily can reduce weight without changing the diet.

Weight कम करने का सही ये है diet प्लान । best method
Weight कम करने का सही ये है diet प्लान । best method


The starch contained in it does not allow carbohydrate deposits. Plus potassium strengthens muscles and reduces obesity.


It is rich in antioxidants which acts to remove toxic substances from the body. It helps in improving polyphinox metabolism.

Weight कम करने का सही ये है diet प्लान । best method 


 It is a low carbohydrate fruit which reduces weight. Keeps body temperature controlled and it is helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. It also gives energy to the nervous system.

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A pear typically has 20 grams of healthy fat which increases metabolism and also produces weight loss hormones.

Benefits of dryfruits 

Dried fruits: Reduces the weight of raisins, cashews, and mangoes with fresh fruits. Minerals and vitamins present in them increase the capacity of the cells and strengthen the immune system.


It contains MCFA which improves metabolism. The intake of the stomach is long for a long time. Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for thyroid gynecologists.

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Plenty of Vegetable Use 

Tomatoes: Amino Acids found in Tomato rich in Vitamin C are helpful in reducing obesity. Tomato is very beneficial for cardiovascular patients.


 These are the best sources of protein and fiber. After eating its vegetable, there is no feeling of hunger for long period, which does not cause overtaking and low calorie intake in the body.


It is found in calcium iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B6, and C. It plays an important role in weight loss as well as beneficial for bone strength.

Green vegetables: 

They contain fewer calories, more fiber and vitamins. These reduce the risk of heart disease as well as increase the immunity of disease.

Identify the power of grains 

Whole grains:

 whole grains digestion action is corrected. Metabolism improves and they are helpful in weight loss. They have less risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer-related diseases.


It contains more fiber than other grains. It improves digestion, as well as having antioxidants reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level is helpful.

Brown rice:  

If you are fond of eating rice, you can take brown rice instead of normal rice. These are helpful in losing weight. Also include cereal, oats, brown bread and sprouted grains in the diet.

 It contains vitamin E and fiber, selenium, magnes and magnesium. It reduces weight.


There are fiber in it, which eliminate appetite and protect from overcoming. Eat raw peanuts, not roasted or salted.

Take lemon water daily:

Start your day with lemon water. This is an effective way to reduce excess fat deposited on the stomach. By taking lemon juice and a little salt in warm water every morning, your metabolism gets better and it also helps you lose weight. Avoid salt if you have BP complaint.

Stay away from sweet:

Desserts, sweet drinks and oily foods increase obesity. Excessive fat is accumulated on the body by consuming more of these. In such a way, it would be better to distance them from them.


It is also beneficial to drink lemon water  2 chestnuts by chewing 2-4 buds of empty stomach in the morning. This will double the weight loss process. Also the flow of blood in the body will be in the right way.

Eat plenty of vegetables:

Include maximum amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Eating a bowl of fruits and vegetables in the morning and evening will fill your stomach as well as you will also get plenty of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Almond will also work:

Vitamin-E, rich in protein and fiber, does not appear to be hungry quickly and the weight is controlled.

Drink plenty of water:

Drinking too much water is also an effective way to lose weight. This increases your metabolism and releases toxic substances from your body.

When to cook food:

When making meals, use spices that help reduce weight. Use cinnamon, ginger and black pepper to cook while cooking. These spices increase insulin capacity and blood glucose levels are low.
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