Side effects of tea || 10 Reasons

Side effects of tea || 10 Reasons 

Tea that is a British deed to India.(side effects of tea || 10 Reasons) At first, people did not even know about it, but today people ask the guest at home for the first time. Some people take tea all day to remove fatigue in the office. Till now even tea is consumed in fasting.

Side effects of tea || 10 Reasons
Side effects of tea || 10 Reasons 

 If you go to any doctor, they will say to leave alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco. Not tea on Because they are also his slave himself. But if you go to a good doctor, he will first advise you not to drink tea. By consuming tea, vitamins in the body are eliminated. It consumes inferiority in memory. Come know about tea ...

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Side effects of tea || 10 Reasons 

1. The consumption of tea made of milk affects the action of digestion and if you are eating a little salty with it then it is not bad at all. This also causes skin disease.

2. There is a lot of caffeine in tea. The person who weakens the body with the contamination of the blood.

3. People who drink tea often lose their intestines and take home constipation.

4. Drinking tea becomes blood clotting and red spots are removed on the face.

5. Drinking tea also prevents cancer from occurring.

6. It would be better if the railway stations do not sell the tea on the stool or the tea stall, because they are often used to make tea the cleaning of these utensils, which often causes the tea becoming poisonous.

7. Do not use tea consumed in therm for longer term by mistake.

8. Boil the tea leaf less and once the tea that was used to become tea becomes exaggerated.

9. With each cup of tea or that much lemon sugar is taken, which increases the weight.

10. Hunger kills tea. The brain begins to dry and sleep becomes too low.

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