Gym जाने से पहले और बाद में क्या खाए?

Gym जाने से  से पहले और बाद में क्या खाए?

Friends, if you go to the gym every day, (Gym जाने से पहले और बाद में क्या खाए?)then you will also plan on how to exercise there. But what do you plan to do before and after exercise?

Gym जाने से पहले और बाद में क्या खाए?
Gym जाने से पहले और बाद में क्या खाए?

Exercise has the right effect on your body, it is necessary to nourish the body. Let's know

According to doctors and nutritionists, the development of the muscles of people who exercise empty stomach is affected. Whether you exercise lightly or spend many hours in the gym, during this time, minerals and other nutrients from the body get out of the body through sweating. On the other hand, calories burn through exercise and energy is consumed,

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so it is necessary to eat food rich in protein and mineral before and after the exercise so that the body can get the energy returned. At the end of the exercise you must eat something or something.

●Gym जाने से पहले और बाद में क्या खाए?

Protein: To give amino acids to the body, so that the muscles can be repaired after exercise.

Carbohydrate: To cure the body's energy deficit. Most important to remove fatigue after exercise.

Water: To meet the lack of water in the body. Essential for all the body parts to work smoothly.

Protein Shake: If you exercise for one to two hours throughout the day, you should avoid drinking protein shake. Through normal diet, the body will easily complete its protein requirements. The advice of drinking protein shake is given to people who work out for four to five hours a day.

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● Eat these before workouts

Banana(केला): Iron, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Energy Treasures
Vitamin A and B are available in adequate amounts in bananas as thymine, niacin and folic acid. Banana is considered to be a good source of energy. At the same time, water content is 64.3 percent, protein is 1.3 percent, carbohydrate 24.7 percent and lubricant 8.3 percent.

Orange juice(संतरा): Energy and Vitamin-C drinks rich

Oats (दलिया)is the perfect blend of carbohydrate, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. Eat oats to increase the process of catabolism in the body. Eating it does not cause fat in the body and also helps in increasing muscles

Almonds(बादाम): rich in protein, omega-3 and fatty acids.

Apple(सेब): rich in carbohydrate and fiber.

Milk(दूध) : Drinks rich in protein, vitamins and minerals

● Eat these after workout

Egg(अण्डा): A Better Source of Protein and Vitamins

Yogurt(दही) : The source of protein and carbohydrate. Prevents body from being dehydrated.

Energy Bar: There is plenty of nuts in it, which will balance the needs of proteins, salt and minerals in the body after exercise.

Soya Milk(सोयमिल्क): Protein-rich drink

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