Gym जाने का टाईम नही तो घर पे करे ये exercise । best cardio exercises

Gym जाने का टाईम नही तो घर पे करे ये एक्सरसाइज़ । best cardio workout 

Many times, people make plans (Gym जाने का टाईम नही तो घर पे करे ये exercise । best cardio exercises ) that tomorrow will definitely go from work to gym, but they will never come tomorrow. If you also get lazy to go to the gym then you can stay fit by exercising the cards at home. The special thing is that for this you will not even have to be machines. In addition to keeping fit, these exercises will help reduce weight.

Gym जाने का टाईम नही तो घर पे करे ये exercise । best cardio exercises
Gym जाने का टाईम नही तो घर पे करे ये exercise । best cardio exercises 

Let us tell you These  such Cardio Exercises, which will not only reduce the weight of your home but will also keep you fit and fitted.

jumping Jack

Exercising a Jumping Jack, the calorie burns rapidly, which helps in weight loss. It also provides hips and thighs with perfect shape. Not only this, by exercising it also brings the stomach right in the shape.

How to do?

Stretch the legs and sides before starting this exercise. After this stand straight up, make the waist and head straight. Keep hands with the body straight and down and connect the two legs together.

Now jump in the wind, bending slightly to the knees. While jumping, open your legs slightly and move both hands away from the head while spreading away from the body.

When you come down, keep the space between legs and keep the hand straight on the side. In the beginning, make two rounds of this exercise and jump at least 30 times in every round. Slowly make 2 to 5 rounds.

Jump lounge

It is also the best cardio exercise to get weight loss and perfect shape. Not only this, doing this exercise regularly is also strong muscles. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Actually, while performing this exercise, blood circulation is good in the body, which reduces the risk of diseases.

How to do?

Stand up straight to doing this, straighten the waist and head. After this, bring both arms closer to the waist, turning from the elbows. Then bend the right foot forward, while the left hand is near the chest and the right hand behind the back. After this jump up you can jump up and turn while moving the left foot forward while coming down, while moving the right foot back. Change the condition of hands also similarly. Set around 2 to 30 cycles of this exercise, and after some time, make 100 cycles in 1 set.

Gym जाने का टाईम नही तो घर पे करे ये एक्सरसाइज़ । best cardio workout

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High knee march

High knee march is such a cardio escrow, which is easy to do but it costs a lot of energy. However, it helps in perfect shape of buttocks, thighs and abdominal abas with fast weight loss. Not only that, exercising on a regular basis also increases stamina.

How to do?

First of all, by doing this exercise, you should stand straight ahead. Then straighten the hands together by mixing the legs together. After this, move the left hand from the elbow to the chest.

Bring the right leg while kneeling on the right side. Then move the right foot and left hand down and raise the left foot and right hand above.

After doing it up to 50, it will become normal. It will take you about 20 seconds. This way you can set up about 3 sets. Along with this, if you want to take full advantage of this exercise, then neither slow it nor slow down.

Mountain climbers

Not only calories burn faster than the mountain climber, but it also brings stomach and thighs in perfect shape. Also strengthen muscle and blood circulation
It is better.

How to do?

To do this, lie down on the ground on the stomach and keep the hands close to the ground, bringing the arms near the shoulders.

After this, raise the body's arm with the hands and hands and put the body's full load on the palms and claws. Keep in mind that the body is straight from top to bottom. Then move the left knee to the chest and stop this condition for about 2 seconds.

Now move the left foot back and the right leg forward. In this way your one cycle will be completed. Now do it continuously without breaks.


For 20 minutes continuous jumping of rope can burn about 200 calories. Along with this, it is full exercise of feet, legs, thighs, waist and knob and they get perfect shape. Apart from this, there is also flexibility in the whole body.

How to do?

To do this exercise, hold the scripping rope i.e. the rope and stand straight. Then keep your hands at a distance of one foot from the body. Now bring the rope forward from the back and rotate.

When the rope goes from front to back, jump over it. Keep in mind that you have to jump over the claw and turn the rope through hands and wrists. In one set of this you should jump 25-30 times. Such 3 sets can be made.
Gym जाने का टाईम नही तो घर पे करे ये exercise । best cardio exercises Gym जाने का टाईम नही तो घर पे करे ये exercise । best cardio exercises Reviewed by h.r.jadeja on May 15, 2019 Rating: 5

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