Fat burning workout at home

To reduce fat, it is best to have summer time. (Fat burning workout at home)So people who want to reduce fat also wait for this time. To reduce fat we brought you the best exercise. So let's know about Exercise.

Fat burning workout at home
Fat burning workout at home 

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 1 Running

There is nothing more to say about this exercise. But always keep in mind that instead of running more to reduce fat, set less distance than full speed. Although the effect of running on many parts from running but it is the best exercise to reduce thigh fat. Regularly run at least 2 kilometers daily.

2 free squats

Without this exercise, fat, thigh, and calf fat can not be reduced. There are lots of variations in this exercise. You can choose any of these. Fat of the waist can also be reduced from the rising meeting.

3 Surya Namaskar

India is one of the oldest practitioners in the year. It affects the stomach, thighs, lower back, shoulder and so on. It is a compound movement exercise. It has too many variations. But Hindu push ups are most effective.

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Thus, all the organs of the body are exercised with the above mentioned exercise. Each exercise must be set at least 2 to 3 sets. If you talk about the same reps, then initially only 10 to 15 rapes. As the stamina increases the set and the reps too.
Most importantly, fat can never be reduced by exercise only.

Careful attention of the diet for this too. Reduce the consumption of oily, carbohydrate food. Must include green vegetables in the food. You will definitely be able to reduce the fat by the proportion of the measures described.

Friends, if you are preparing to make six packs at home, then it will depend on how much time it takes you to make six pack abs, depending on how quickly the stomach fat is reduced by your workout.

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 For this, you have to do different types of workouts and exercises. Let's understand what
exercises you can make up your apps soon.

1. The first exercise of Crunch Exercise Six Pack is. What you initially do You have to lie down on the ground with your waist band and close your leg. Put both of your hands behind the head and not holding the other hand. Try to rise slowly, as shown in the picture.

2. You can crush the long arm, turn it on your knees and sit down and then lie down, move your hands backwards and bring them to the straight side of your face and crunch. To crush the reserve, lie down on your back and place your hands under the head.

 After this, flip your knees to the chest towards ninety degrees. Now lift the legs up and crunch. Jackknife is additionally an honest exercise for 6 Pack Abs.

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