Best 10 benefit of lemon

Best 10 Benefits of lemon 

Lemon juice is a lot of work if you want to enhance the taste of plain meal.(Best 10 Benefits of lemon)Not only does the lemon juice be mixed by mixing it in a low water to prevent loue, it does not feel louder than staying out in the heat in the afternoon. Lemon has so many benefits that you can not think of.

Best 10 benefit of lemon
Best 10 benefit of lemon 

Lemon contains citric acid, vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, protein and carbohydrate. Come, get a little more information on lemon benefits.

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Benefits of lemon 

1. Are you troubled by constipation? For this, mix some lemon drops in hot water and drink it. Due to this, diarrhea, inflammation of the heart,
Sour odor and other stomach related diseases will be removed.

2. This is a natural antiseptic, which can be used to remove skin problems. Works to remove blackheads and wrinkles from lemon faces

It also clears the face with. It also works for anti-aging. Pouring lemon on acne causes acne to dry and it does not spread.

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3. If lemon juice is present, then apply lemon juice instead. This will remove pain and will not even get bad breath from the mouth.

4. In the problem of leukage and salty soils in the hot water should be used to rinse neck swelling, throat, etc.. Coughing cough

They should not do this experiment.

5. Drinking lemon water eliminates high blood pressure, stress, fatigue and dizziness. It also helps in breathing difficulties and asthma problems.

6. Lemon helps fight against infections.

7. Lemon is an antioxidant that captures free radicals. There is no risk of stroke, heart disease and cancer.

8 Lemon reduces blood pressure and increases good cholesterol.

9. Wash lemon juice at the roots of hair and wash the hair after 10 minutes. If this happens, it will be necessary if the hair has ripen, break or loses its head.

10. Mix the lemon juice with the sweet and peppermint oil and make it a scrub and massage it on your feet and wash your feet soft and smooth 
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